is a virtual corner for people that love photography, and for those that even today love to recount dreams or fantasies by images, resemblances, figures. Our purpose is to support any expression given through images, to spread photography considered as a free personal expression, without any limitation apart from moral restraint
is mainly a window, an unrestricted space where to be in, to communicate, to say.

is the daily drop, the persistent breath of photography that comes inside our houses, in the workplaces, bringing us images, trigging off discussions leading to continual comparisons that help us to improve, to try out new forms of expressiveness, but over that is useful to know and understand each others, in a friendly, convivial, stimulating atmosphere.
The true
is the list, that everyone live daily, but his safe harbour, his window, his memory is his Site.
The PhotoMeeting website is framed around several areas in order to bett er respond toso many needs of different personalities, so we suggest to navigate various expositions to get all the stylistic nuances of various hosted authors.

To be in ppdoes not cost anything, but give you a lot.